Ignite Your ClickUp For 2022

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Only Five Sessions Available

Secure your place by 31st January 2022 and save over $500 AUD

Welcome Fabulous Human

 2022 is the year you have planned to move your business to the next level.

You have tried pressing all the buttons but have found that the systems in your business aren't always designed to work together and the day to day business-ing feels clunky..

I'm Nicole Smith, and I'm here to smooth out this process so you can be excited to welcome your fabulous team and new clients this year with ease.

I'll help you:

  • Enhance your ClickUp structure and settings
  • Align your systems with your business goals
  • Support your experience of how business-ing can be easy
  • Discover the possibilities of ClickUp for you
YES! I'm ready to get started.

"If we were chatting over coffee about how hard the little things are and what they are stopping you from achieving in your business, I would say to you, 'You want a Nicole, and not just any Nicole, you want Nicole Smith of The Artisans Business Solutions'"

Kathy Rast - Lingusitiologist

Sounds Fabulous! I'm in!


A little about me...

With nigh-on 20 years of experience implementing systems and processes for a range of businesses large and small, I have experienced first-hand the overwhelm business leaders can experience when systems are letting them down and they’re failing to get the outcome they need. 

I work with businesses to discover the space between what they are doing and what they want to do in how their day to day is operating.

Specifically, I see systems be the dance between people and IT, which means when I design, create and connect you with your system, I'm looking at syncing moving parts with your business needs.

Before Our Session You Say

  • I know it's a thing, I just don't know how to make it real/happen, YET!
  • I want to build my business so that I can grow it with a team
  • I want to start stepping back (running the business and not doing the business)
  • I want to feel confident and supported

I know you know it's possible!

Somehow your ClickUp is looking more hot mess than bliss.

This is your time to enhance your system and learn how to grow this with your fabulous business goals.

We have designed this experience for you as you are serious about taking the next step and discovering what can be possible by working with the ClickUp Queen.

What You Get...

Ignite Your ClickUp Session with Nicole Smith the ClickUp Queen and Verified Ambassador.

  • Three hours to revamp your ClickUp design and build ready to support your goals in 2022
  • Unique build enhancement and implementation plan based on discussions in your session
  • Access to the full recording of your session

Six months access to The Members Lounge Emporium

  • Continued Support on your ClickUp Journey
  • ClickUp tutorials and other fabulous resources in the Member Lounge Library
  • Monthly sessions to take action on your business
  • Be a part of our fabulous supportive community

We are all about the wonder of what works. And that's what's special about being here... It Works. 

"Members Lounge Emporium"

Sounds Fabulous! I'm IN!

How It Works...

"Nicole is an expert on ClickUp and her experience, personality and attitude is why I knew she was who I needed to support me. Being actually shown how to do things rather than having them done for me is exactly what I was looking for and after our session, I had clarity on the areas in ClickUp I was looking for and more. If you want to learn more about this solution you need a session with Nicole."

Vanessa Marrama - OBM

Wonderful! I'm ready to get started!

Departing our session you now say.

  • Wow! I can now see how I can scale my business
  • I love ClickUp and it is now easy to operate each day
  • I'm excited to welcome in my new team and clients

How Fabulous,

You now have the knowledge to confidently travel through 2022 and celebrate as your build your big.

I'm ready to Ignite My ClickUp!

Only Five Sessions Available

Secure your place by 31st January 2022 and save over $500 AUD

Ignite Your ClickUp For 2022

Over $2,047 AUD + GST worth of Inclusions

  • Three Hour Ignite Your ClickUp Session

Valued at $1,200 AUD + GST

  • Six Month Members Lounge Access

Valued at $998 AUD + GST

  • Access to Nicole who knows which buttons to press  Priceless

Yours Today for

$1,497 AUD + GST

I'm Ready To Ignite | Upfront
1 x payment of $1,497 AUD + GST
Saving $550 AUD + GST
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2 x payments of $798.50 AUD + GST
Saving $450 AUD + GST

"I can now see how I can scale my business."

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