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Fabulous! I'm Ready To Start!

The Artisans

Members Lounge

Community Of Action Takers

Fabulous! I'm Ready To Start!

Welcome To The Lounge

Choose and use systems that will simplify your business

Grow routines that can't help but focus you on what you want

Create space and energy to be curious about what you can do in your business

Trust that you're focused toward your business's big picture each day

Sounds fabulous! Iā€™m in!

Greetings, you fabulous human,


Welcome! I’m Nicole. 

I'm here for you if now is the time to take your business from being hard work to a way that is something you look forward to each day. 


How? I hear you ask. 


Oh, that's the clever part you'll find inside. Behind these doors, we take business very seriously (although you often hear laughing and me singing, which you're invited to join in). We're here to find ways to plug and play our workdays as we had hoped when we first started. We find ways to feel the feelings of using our time efficiently, bringing in the doolahs that keep us in the space of confidently doing what we do best (and want to do), and building out systems to take our business out for a spin to stretch its business legs. You're most welcome to join us.  

Just to be clear, I’ll help you: 
  • choose and use systems that will simplify your business (get ready to get excited about the dance of automations—think Disney's Fantasia level).
  • grow routines that can't help but focus you on what you want.
  • create space and energy to be curious about what you can do in your business.
  • trust that you're focused to work toward your business's big picture each day.
Wonderful! Iā€™m ready to get started!

Connected, Supported and Confidently Transforming your business from hard work to operating with ease.

Why get support?


Lemme see if any of this rings true for you: You love being a business owner, and your heart is set on giving your business the bones it needs to get in step, find its stride, and create opportunities to grow. Having passed the 'start-up' label, you have enough runs on the board to know your business and what you need to do.  You have worked hard to establish yourself and have now found yourself stumbling in parts of your business. Having travelled this far you know you can keep working hard to make it work but know something will give if you keep going how you're going... 


You are not alone.  


Too often I hear this exact story from the fabulous humans in business. They’ve put their heart and soul (and everything else) into their business, and despite their best efforts, arrive at this point on the business journey.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way!  

The Members Lounge is designed so that you’ll be able to confidently say 'Hey, this doesn't have to be so hard after all.' 

Coming into the Lounge, you are greeted with the warmest welcome and shown how to be successful in this space.

Walking through the resources you can dive into, the dates for the live contacts and what to expect each time they connect, and the Facebook group where the door is open always to ask questions and connect with our community.

I'm ready!

Now that you are here

You can now know this is more than a clever place to design and put your systems in all the right places, we keep all the good stuff in 


You’ll be armed with an arsenal of templates, resources and information you need to take the reins in your working life. 


You’ll never be alone as we guide you through each step, support your transition to operational ease, celebrate every success along the way. 


You'll immerse yourself in our supportive community of likeminded, curious and fabulous businesspeople. Come As You Are is our motto.

We are all about the wonder of what works. And that's what's special about being here... It Works

The Members Lounge is a creative space that holds a lot of wisdom where you can survive and thrive.

What's Included In The Members Lounge:

Monthly Topic Focus MasterClass

Absorb & level up your knowledge in your monthly MasterClass in the Members Lounge.

1-Hour Planning & Design Session

Prioritise time to plan & design your evolution, leaving the session with your action plan ready to go.

1-Hour Action Taker Session

Dedicated space each month to take control & implement. This is where the magic happens! 

Monthly Coffee Chats CatchUp

Connect with our fabulous community members, celebrate you & chat all things business.

Monthly Goal Accountability

You are invited to share your focus for the month. These have been witnessed and is now a thing.

Facebook Members Lounge

Your private lounge to connect, brainstorm, share wins & ask all the questions with your community.

Your Curated Members Library

Looking for planning worksheets, ClickUp tips, information on Pomodoro? Look no further.

Members Directory Feature

Supporting you goes further than inside our lounge. We want to shout about you off the rooftops!

A little about me....

With nigh-on 20 years of experience implementing systems and processes for a range of businesses large and small, I have experienced first-hand the overwhelm business leaders can experience when systems are letting them down and they’re failing to get the outcome they need. 

Every business is as unique as the people working in it and both deserve the best business support that aligns to the way that they want to work. 

I don’t judge where you are, I’m excited about where you are going. 

Don't Use ClickUp, Fabulous!!!

One widespread misunderstanding is that you have to be a ClickUp lover or user. This is not so for two reasons:

  1. The Lounge is about business systems, which can be any system (including pen and paper), and
  2. Nicole loves ClickUp enough for all its members, so that part is easily covered.

Those in ClickUp will be able to access the resources slightly differently (e.g., embedding documents or templates), and other members can access them through PDFs.

Action Taker


AUD + GST *Save $185!
6 Month Access
Or 6 monthly payments of $197 AUD + GST

    •  Monthly Topic MasterClass 
    • 1-Hour Planning and Design Session  
    • 1-Hour Action Session 
    • Online Monthly Coffee Chat CatchUp 
    • Facebook Members Lounge 
    • Members Library 
    • Members Directory Feature 


I'm Ready To Take Action. Sign me up!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Being supported and surrounded by your people creates powerful outcomes.

My clients experience life-changing actions, designing a life they love and successfully implementing this into their every day, I know you will learn and feel supported to transform your operations and make time for you.  I genuinely want you to love every minute of being a member of the Members Lounge and I'm so excited you have made this investment in yourself and that's why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

 "Nicole is an absolute systems and processes genius! I had the most productive session with her to deep dive in to my processes, walking away inspired and motivated to make more time in my day. Highly highly recommend Nicole and feel incredibly grateful to have her in my business family "

Rhyannon Perkins | Be Heard Therapy and Supports