$597 + GST

Sometimes starting with a glance is the best place to begin.

So, when you already have your processes processing and an you want to check if you:

🧠 are using the best fit system 

🧠 have set your settings to seamlessly support your processing, and

🧠 want to check-in on your current automations or you're looking for where you can slip in a sneaky automation to better the experience for you and your people

...then yes, you're ready for a 'Review + Recommend'

You get:

🔍  A workflow (aka process) reviewed

🛠 Minor system implementations, and

📝  Key recommendations to better support your process (e.g., system, settings, automations,...)


To get started:

1. Complete your purchase

2. Send us your process information (we'll send you a form to make this easy)

3. Book your Process Discovery Call