Introducing: Kathy Rast

Title: Linguistiologist 
Authentic Voice Creator | Writer | Speaker
Kathy's someone you want in your back pocket.
Think words—all the words, written or spoken (or sung if we think of Nicole's love of singing).
As a Linguistiologist, Kathy knows what our words are doing and how to make them shine. She works with businesses and individuals to align what they want their words to do and what they're doing.
It's fun. It's uncomfortable before it isn't. There's always a giggle. It's all wonderfully empowering.
Get ready for it, that wonderful cheesy line that makes us giggle and yet it inspires us to connect and work together.
When you're ready to realise your next level of confidence, clarity, and ease in communicating with your people, you know it's time to book your conversation with Kathy.
One chat sets off the most wonderful chain of events.

Contact Kathy: 
[email protected]

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